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It's Thelma Todd Day

It's Thelma Todd Day

June over too soon?
June, as we all know, is named after the film ‘Juno’ (June’s mother was a big fan of Michael Cera and saw all of his films. Yes, even ‘Year One’).
June ends on the same day of the week as March every year (which makes that day pretty crowded).
June is the day with the shortest daylight hours in the Southern hemisphere. This is due to it needing an early night so it can have the longest daylight hours in the Northern Hemisphere (how’s that for multi-tasking?).
June is known for the large number of marriages that occur over the course of the month. This is due to June’s birthstone being the Gift Registry.
In Iceland, folklore says that if you bathe naked in the morning dew on the morning of June 24, you are supposed to keep aging at bay for longer but you end up with a chest cold for that entire time.

I saw 9 movies in June including 6 Marx Brothers films at the Astor so I was able to see such wonderful scenes as this with an audience of all ages.
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Bye Bye Eric Sykes
One of the greats

It was Thelma Todd Day
Sorry I missed Thelma Todd day. To make up for it, here's a picture of Thelma.
And a video tribute to her appearances in Hall Roach films (mainly Laurel & Hardy but a couple with Zasu Pitts)

Maybe May
May thinks he’s pretty special (Oh yes. Don’t be misled. May is male, no matter what he says or how many dresses he wears). May is the only month that begins and ends on the same day of the week in any year.
And I for one, am sick of hearing about it. Every time there’s a party where the months get together it’s only matter of minutes before May starts asking what day of the week the other months started on. Poor old February always gets caught out. Knowing she sometimes has 29 days, she thinks one year she’ll start on the same day as May. But no. She’s lost a lot of money betting with May on that.
The other thing May gets all uppity about is his birthstone. “What’s your birthstone again, December?” he’ll say. “Oh yeah. That’s right. Zircon. What’s the current price for a zircon? What’s that? Oh. $40 a carat. Wow. That’s really something. I guess if you got about 1600 of them you could trade it for one of my birthstones – the emerald. Assuming anyone who had an emerald wanted a zircon.”

And don’t even get May started on what Greek god the months are named after. All you’ll hear for the next hour is about Maia the goddess of fertility. To hear May tell it, you’d think nobody conceived babies any other month (and don’t even bother trying to tell him that fertility doesn’t just mean people having babies).
All in all, May is petty, vindictive, untrustworthy but has a terrific singing voice so, all is forgiven.
I didn’t see any movies in May (the films I wanted to see at the Astor clashed with other commitments) but I read 22 books and 26 comic collections.
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It's Thelma Todd Day

Here's Thelma with Gary Cooper in the 1927 film 'Nevada'.

My Steve Gerber Comics – Part Thirty
Tales of the Zombie

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Did I tell you about April?
Hey, wasn’t April something? Let’s have a big hand for it. What a month.

You know April is one of only 4 months with 30 days? Or was it one of 30 months with 4 days? Come to think of it, every month has 30 days (except for that scoundrel, February). It’s just that some aren’t satisfied with that and keep going to 31.

April is the seasonal equivalent of October. I think they’re on a time share arrangement.
And they say the name April comes from the latin “aperire” which means “to open”. That’s why I make sure I only open jars during April.
The birthstone of April is the diamond and the birth flower is either daisy or the sweet pea. But is it this sweet pea Pea 0r this Swee’ Pea? Swee
And who can forget that April is also host to April Fool’s Day or All Fool’s Day or, as I like to call it, “what’s that on your chin?”
April is also most likely to be the month that Easter falls (or was that an April Fool’s joke?)

Other things you may not know about April

April is the only month that starts with ‘A’ and ends in ‘L’ (other than June).

April 13 is New Year’s Day in Thailand, Laos, Burma and Cambodia. New Year’s Eve is still December 31st, they just like to have a lot of time to come up with resolutions.

April used to be married to August but they broke up when August started seeing March behind April’s back.

April is allergic to hundreds and thousands.

During March I only saw 1 movie (and it wasn’t even at the Astor).
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Preparing for Free Comic Day

OK. This year I'll get it right.

I know in the past I've been a little confused over how Free Comic Day works. First I thought it was a day to protest the unfair imprisonment of comedians. Then I thought it was a day to free comic books from the slavery of being a commodity. But I've got it now.

I know it's a day when you can go into your local comic book store and get comics without paying for them. So I'll be coming prepared.

Don't get in my way, I'll be clearing whole shelves.